1.     The Dates you would like for a 3day class. We have 3 day classes scheduled for once every month.  These classes are posted 3 months in advance to help you find one that best fits your schedule.  If you do not see any classes that fit your schedule, we suggest a three day private lesson.   When someone joins the same class, it is recorded in the online schedule.  We limit our 3 day classes to 10 students, to allow us to give everyone equal training.

2.    Which Class Topics you would like to learn. We teach many subjects and topics, but are limited to only 8 hours for one day.  We usually have you choose at least 2-3 class subjects for each 8 hour period.  Since this is a 3 day class, we would need you to tell us at least 9 of your favorite class topics.  We will try to cover all of them within the time frame. Usually these 3 day classes are preselected with two 2 -3 subjects per day.   If you see no classes that are scheduled for the subjects you would like, we do offer Private Lessons.    Private lessons allow you to pick any subjects that you wish to learn. 

3.    A deposit of $240.00 for the 3day class. A deposit must be made upon sign up to gaurantee your submission.  Remaining balance can be paid the day of class or online at anytime.  Normal class rates are $480.00 per student, per day.  These rates are for classes of 2 or more students.   Solo classes are considered Private lessons, and are $750 for 3 days. (24hrs of training).  Click Here to Sign Up & Make Deposit. 

NOTE:  Group Classes won't run unless there is at least 2 students sign up for the class, which usually happens right away.   If no one else signs up but you, you have the option to switch to a later date, recieve a full refund, or switch to a private lesson.   Refunds will be issued after the scheduled class date has past.  If there is any questions, please call Luke.    715-456-8800
3 Day Classes are the best airbrush classes you can take.
Get the most out of your time and money by booking a 3 day  session. 

Here is what we need, in order to schedule you for a weekend class.