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We WON "BEST PAINT"  at the  26th Annual Donnie Smith Bike Show. MPLS  !!!

When: Mar 23 - 24, 2013
Where: X-cel Energy Center MPLS
Get Directions to our shop:
2620 Davey St.
Eau Claire, WI 54703

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Huge Show, Awesome bikes and competition.  Want to say thank you to everyone who helped out!  You all rock and Next year, We are bringing More Bikes to enter into the competition.  Maybe yours will be the one to win!  Check out pictures on facebook or click to view images. 
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Automotive Tattoos is dedicated to creating Professional Artwork for people like you, who want Designs or Custom Paint Schemes that Win Awards, Makes Heads Turn, and that is Made to Last a Lifetime!  Custom painting and airbrushing is the only way to make artwork last.  Vinyl wraps and decals, only last a few years.  After the Sun gets to the color, it fades and yellows, then it can bubble, and people pick at the edges... Usually only Resulting in a few years of use.  Then you have to redo it.   Sounds like fun. 

At Automotive Tattoos, The automotive paint used on projects has a factory lifetime warranty against corrosion and normal weathering.  It is made to last well over 10+ years.  We use High Quality Products for all of our work.  Our Finish Work is Outstanding, and Our Clear Coat looks like glass!  Unless Matte Finish is Requested, then, it is Smooth and without Dirt Nibs.  We stand behind the work we do, and if it doesn't last, We will fix it.  We want our Artwork to last Forever, otherwise its not worth it.  We Strive Hard to Create Long Lasting, Professional Artwork for Motorcycles, Cars, Trucks, ATVs, Boats, Airplanes, and much more.   If you need something created on your project, don't be afraid to ask how much it costs.  We can provide you with a free quote by phone or email.  Contact us Here.
NEW!   Airbrushing and Custom Paint Forum.  Learn Professional Techniques From Luke Johnson
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Automotive Tattoos Art Gallery, Showcases all of our custom flames, realistic fire, graphics, airbrushing, art, lettering, pinstriping, and murals that we have completed on many models of Harley Davidson motorcycles, including Fatboy, Roadking, Delux, V-Rod, Softail, Dyna, Sportster, Electraglide, Street Glide and Heritage, as well as Yamaha, Victory, Honda, Piagio, and Kawasaki.  Also view our Offroad Toys and other personalized vehicles we have Custom Painted. 

Our Services Include the Following: Airbrushing,Custom Painting, Airbrush Classes, Graphic Design, Digital Rendering, Illustration, Retouching Paintings, Motorcycle Auto Body Repair, Fiberglass Repair, Automotive Paint Refinishing, Professional Industrial Coatings, Paint Removal, Paint Refinishing, Headlight Renewal (for oxidized lights), Tinting Tailights, Auto Body Repair, Motorcycle Repair, Vehicle Repair, Custom Fabrications, Web Design, Digital Rendering, Photo Manipulation / Retouching, Photography Services, Video Services, Sign Painting, Vinyl Decals and Lettering (NOT WRAPS), Vehicle Detailing, Personalized and Customized Appliances.  Custom Painting in Wisconsin. Eau Claire, WI.

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2013-03-04 18.42.28.jpg
2013-03-04 19.05.38.jpg
Route 66 Mural on a Custom 1951' Chevy Tailgate .
Fender With a Skull and Sword.
Custom 45 ft.  Race Hauler.   Mud Racer to match!
Airbrushed Trans Am Logo on  a  Restored 79' Trans Am Hood.
Custom Painted for Luke Johnson's father, who is restoring his 1979 Trans Am.   The Frame Up restoration was done by United Auto Body.  Specialty Graphics and Artwork by, Luke Johnson of Automotive Tattoos.   Once finished, this car will be at shows throughout the U.S.A.  Can't wait to take it for a Drive!
RECENT   PROJECTS  Updated Monthly
Airbrushed Route 66 mural, on the back of a 1951 Chevy Truck. The concept was created with the help of some Photoshop skills and some ideas online, rendered together to get a Reference Pic.  Then after 35 hours of Airbrush time, This is what we got. 
Custom Painted Race Trailer, with a Mud Racer to Match.  This believe it or not, only took 4 days to complete.  We did it as a Rush Job due to timelines, and the results were Excellent!  Spending over 15 hours a day, for 3 days just taping and painting,  then only 2 hours on the 4th day to clear coat..    Who's Next? !
Cool Skull, Whipping the Bird, with a sword stuck in the head of another skull.  With a saying, " I can't hear you, Over the Rumble of my Freedom..."   Great quote and another great add on to the rest of the skulls on the bike. 
Offering Award Winning Airbrushing and Custom Paint!
Muscle Cars
Hot Rods
Stock Cars
Utility Vehicles
Off-Road Toys
Motor Homes
Race Trailers
Mud Racers
Old Refrigerators
Gas Pumps

Complete Automotive Restorations and Collision Repairs for most vehicles. 
Custom Artwork and Graphics For Rhinos, Golf Carts, and Offroad Vehicles!
Custom Paint Designs That Make You Look Twice!
Custom Painted Helmets with Personalized Airbrushing and Graphics.
Custom Sport Bikes and Rockets!
Misc Parts that need Customizing.  Any Size or Shape! 
We offer a wide range of Automotive Services, to give you and your vehicle, the best in house experience.  Whether its a custom paint job on a motorcycle, or custom upholstery in the interior of your muscle car.  We offer it all!   Our shop is a proud affiliate with United Auto Body, who produces Professional Automotive Restorations for your hot rods, classics, and muscle cars. 
We work together, to give you 100% Top Quality, Professional Results.

Our work can speak for itself.  Stop in today and meet the team behind it all!