The Beginner course for airbrushing teaches you all the basics about airbrushing while allowing first time airbrush artists to get a hands on feel for how an airbrush works.  This course will help speed up the learning process. We teach basic functions of the airbrush, how it sprays, use of air pressure, and mixing paint. 

You will learn routines that can help quickly develop your skills, as well as good habits for maintenance to keep your airbrush working.  We focus primarily on taking you from knowing nothing, to allowing you to create 3d images your first time!

This session is only
$125, for 8 hours, if taking as a group class of two or more. 

This session is $300, for 8 hours, if taking solo as a private lesson
Image Created in about 30 minutes by instructor.  Freehand White on Black
NOTE:  This course is only available as a 1 day course. This class will get you up to speed for the other courses we have.
For best results, a full day of learning is better than only a few hours...  Check Class Prices for more details.   If there is any questions, please call Luke.    715-456-8800
Airbrush Class Topics