Automotive Tattoos Custom Paint, offers services that are Professional and that Set Standards. 
Our Custom Painting Process, ensures that our paint will look better and last longer than our competition! 

Custom Paint Process:

1. CUSTOMER SERVICE: We are there for you every step of the way. Through Designing a custom paint job for your motorcycle or custom vehicle, during the process, and anytime after your job is completed. You can reach us by phone, in person, or by email, and we will promptly respond.

We use the finest materials and custom paint products on the market, which are all included in your estimate. Our labor and every proprietary process that we've developed to ensure that your job meets our standards and exceeds your expectations are always part of the package.

3. DESIGN PROCESS: We collaborate to come up with the ultimate paint theme for you with pictures, references, a design consultation, sketches and rendering, scans, emails, phone calls -- whatever it takes to get your project off the ground running. The ultimate paint theme can be elaborate to some and simple to others. During this phase we go over ideas, colors, layouts, logos, airbrushing, and other details to make this project unique and perfect for you. We will translate the ideas and images in your head and turn them into a reality on your motorcycle parts over the process of all the steps below.

4. PREPARATION PROCESS: We always begin by inspecting each one of your parts for damage, disassembly, and notify you right away that we received your motorcycle parts safely. Any areas such as filler cap holes are masked up to eliminate over spray and maintain a clean crisp finished tape line. All paint work is done in our Large Paint Booth. Our shop remains squeaky clean.  Prep work begins with stripping, sand and bead blasting, and machine sanding any existing paint off your sheet metal, skins, body work, parts, or helmets. We like to start with a clean slate so that we can warranty our work and you can count on our work 100%. If your parts have any damage we will find it and fix it. Even a little scratch on the back side of a brand new part will be treated and fixed so that the rust is locked out and the detail is clean. Itís very important to give enough attention to detail and patience to properly prep each little square inch of each part to our high quality standards.

5. ACID ETCH & PRIMER:  We blow the parts using high pressure, wipe them with 3 solvents 3 separate times, re-blow them, and tack using 2 different styles of tack rags. Next acid etching is mixed and sprayed as a rust preventative and metal adhesive. After proper flash and force dry time multiple coats of primer are sprayed which locks in all surface types and body work.

6. SANDING THE PRIMER: After your parts are fully cured we prefer to let them sit until the next day before sanding. We then apply a guide coat and begin wet sanding with a series of different style sanding blocks until the surface is as smooth as silk. All the little crevices and hard to sand corners are then detailed by hand. Finally, each square inch is blown off and tacked for light dust and micro particles.

7. SEALER: Again we prepare the booth, set up all your parts, blow them off, wipe them with our solvent process, double tack them. After our sealer is mixed and sprayed we let the sealer sit for over 30 minutes to allow a proper flash time before applying base coat.

8. BASE COAT: We are now ready for your 1st base color (or only base color if you are going with a one color custom paint job). We use our paint computer programs, mixing banks, and scale to measure and make any automotive or custom paint color in the world. All of this is done in a code standard enclosed mixing booth with proper temperature control and ventilation. Our mixing bank set up on a timer automatically mixes all the toners around the clock. We have many different methods for the order we spray your colors depending on your design complexity. We will email you many pictures of all this so that you will be able to see how your design is developing for your bike portfolios. At this point your base color has been properly sprayed, and cured. It takes many coats to properly cover base coat. We insure that the color is even and there is no blotchiness or modeling out in the bright sun.

9. DESIGN & ARTWORK: The next step is to begin layout, airbrushing, kandy spraying, or blends. It all depends on your project details . . . If your design requires kandy, we spray at least 8 coats of super deep HOK (House Of Kolor)  kandy over a variety of sparkle and secret base coats. If we are airbrushing, we have  multiple airbrushes set up connected to any color in the world thanks to our mixing banks and scale systems. We have different style airbrushes set up which are specifically designed for one thing and each has a different size needle. If we are doing color fades or blends this is also possible through our proprietary color blending methods which are as smooth and gradual as a sunset. We do our layouts by hand with fine line. Most of our layouts are symmetrical side to side as a mirrored image, however some of our designs require asymmetrical layouts or this is requested. Itís important to make a symmetrical layout correct because a little error stands out too much. We use our sketches, computer concepts, and pictures as reference. We computer design and use our cutting printer/plotter for detailed logos, murals, etc. Using advanced technology and intelligence on our side such as our computers, computer programs, drawing computer tablet and of course our cutting plotter for the most accurate stencils for details and realism possible.  Also we use real 3D models and objects depending on what we are implementing as reference. We will be sure to email you many pictures of your parts moving through this design process which is the most exciting part to see.

10. FIRST CLEAR: Again we prepare the booth, set up all your parts, blow them off, wipe them properly, and double tack them.   We now apply our proprietary 1st clear coat process. We now have created our 1st step to depth and a protected barrier of at least 3 coats of clear coat over each square inch of each part. After they cured, we can either lightly sand micro dirt nibs and buff, or sand to create more layers of graphics and artwork.  If no other graphics or layers are Desired, We sand and Re-Clearcoat.

11. FINAL DESIGN & DETAIL: Next in the process is the secondary layer of layouts, additional artwork, airbrushing, and most importantly final detailing and shadowing. All of our graphic lines and bevels are finished off with shadows, which can be subtle, concentrated, or anywhere between depending on your requests.  We will email you many pictures of this for your approval before final clear coat.

12. FINAL CLEAR COAT: Again we prepare the booth, set up all your parts, blow them off, wipe them down, double tack them, and make sure it is a dust free environment. We use a final, Super High Solids Clearcoat with extra UV protection, with show quality gloss and durability.  Our Clearcoat jobs look smooth, wet, and clean.  The appearance looks Wet, like it had never dried and deep like you could put your hand into the graphics..

13. BUFFING/POLISHING PROCESS: Once your parts are dried and cured for two days, we move them into our buffing station to begin wet sanding the surface. We use 5 different grits of sand paper on the entire surface, even the areas hard to see once your parts are on the bike. We then machine buff using 3 different types of pads and glazed to its beautiful deep gloss shine that is standard at Automotive Tattoos Custom Paint.  Custom Painting in Wisconsin.  Located in Eau Claire, WI.

14. OPTIONAL UNDERCOATING: In order to keep the underside of your fender as clean and detailed as your top exposed side, we perform undercoating after the paint and buffing process. This ensures that the undercoat is kept clean from paint over-spray and buffing compound. We begin the undercoating process by painstakingly masking off all of your fender's painted area and holes. We then prepare the surface by sanding, spray several layers of undercoat, unmask the top surface, and then final glaze.

Your parts are now ready for their final photo shoot. We take many high quality final pictures of every job we do and we will email them to you.
Most of what you see for our custom paint jobs on our website are Harley-Davidson bikes, but rest assured we can and will paint any bike on the market. Our attention to detail, planning and service really come through in all of our work. We have the experience and talent to get your job done, as well as the integrity and passion to follow it through to your ultimate satisfaction. We are there every step of the way and we do everything we can to support you, our valued customer. We look forward to the opportunity to custom paint your motorcycle and prove to you that we are the real thing.

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Custom Paint Process: