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If you have any questions about our classes, please fill out this form and submit.  We will do our best to answer any of your questions and assist you with any concerns. 

If you are ready to sign up for an airbrush class and want to make a deposit,  Please Click SIGN UP to fill out the Airbrush Class Submission Form.    Thank you!
Professional Airbrush Training

With Luke Johnson
Get Hands on Custom Paint techniques and Airbrush Training from a professional airbrush artist.  Learn a growing trend that is fun, and that can establish knowledge for career opportunities.  Get the hands on training you need from learning from one of the best airbrush artists around the midwest.  These Classes are all Learn At Your Own Pace. All materials and equipment are supplied during classes.  You can bring your own, should you choose to.

We offer 12 primary class topics / courses of study.    In addition to learning the primary topics, during all of the classes, we usually cover over 20 other important processes, including mixing paint correctly, prepping surfaces, setting up spray guns, masking techniques, color theory, and also lessons about perspective and multiple light sources.  We offer Private Classes as well as Group Classes for 2 or more students.  Maximum class size is 15 students.    8 hour classes, 2 day classes, and 3 day classes are available for training.

Airbrush Classes work best for the instructors schedule on Fridays and Saturdays.   Please give us at least 2 to 3 weeks prior to the date you request, to check with the instructors schedule.               
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Automotive Tattoos offers 12 primary classes, or areas of study.   If you wish to learn a topic not listed on this site, please let us know and we can organize a class workshop that is right for you. 

You can combine up to 3 topics that will be taught during an 8 hour airbrush class.  Topics are demonstrated for 2 - 4 hours depending on how the students are doing.

Classes are rated by skill level. You will see these ratings when viewing the class topics.  Rate yourself according to the following guidlines, to determine which classes will be right for you. 

1-4 :  Classes with this scale are rated for beginners to advanced airbrush artists. You can learn these topics even if you have ZERO experience with an airbrush.  We help you to be good!

2-4 Classes with this scale are rated for inner mediate to more advanced airbrush artists.  These classes are for those who have had some experience airbrushing.  Not much, but Some.

3-4 Classes with this scale are rated for advanced airbrush artists to Professional artists. These classes are for those who can somewhat create 3D imagery and illustrations & they understand what Highlights and Shadows are.

4-4 Classes with this scale are rated for Professional artists who can create just about anything. You need to be very good at airbrushing to keep up with the instructor in these classes.  Advanced techniques are used here.

Write us a good review on Google after one of our classes and we will send you a $10.00 instore credit good for any services offered through Automotive Tattoos.
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