Automotive Graphics. This course teaches you how and where to start your graphics and then everything you will encounter as you go about your steps.   We start you out with basic designs and the use of fineline tape.  We then show you how to do a 2 layer design with pinstripe lines and multiple colors.  We then show you how to add textures and effects to those graphics.  We demonstrate correct masking techniques, how to do drop shadows and highlights, make bevels inward and outward, the use of pearls, and the use of candy paints.  We show and explain how to prep surfaces correctly as well as many other processes that we will go through during class.  You might need to take notes in this class, as we move along quite fast to cover and explain the most information.  Bring Your Cameras!

The Learning Curve for this course is 1-4. This course is available for all students.  However, if you've never used fineline tape before, we recommend that you pick up a couple rolls from a local paint store who sells it, and practice trying to make a few designs on a surface like glass or a mirror.  See how the tape bends and twists, that way when you get to class you can keep up better with the instructor.  If not, we will explain proper techniques to use for better results.   This class is only available for our day long courses due to the amount of information that is covered during class.  1 day is great for a intro to automotive graphics, but 2 and 3 day classes with this topic covers over 10 styles of graphic schemes and effects.  We do teach multiple areas of study in our 2 and 3 day courses.  More info is available on the General Class Information page.
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