The Lightning course for airbrushing teaches you how to create realistic looking lighting that actually lights up and glows.  Lightning is easy to produce and can be toned to any color desired.  We demonstrate the 5 steps needed to create realistic looking lighting.  You will learn colors and paints needed to achieve this look and how to make your lightning bolder and brighter than the rest!

We show you the use of Pearl Base Coats, and Candy paints.  This effect can be used for graphics or in murals and scenery.  This is a very fun and easy effect to learn.  We recommend combining this course with a true fire or marblizing textures course if taking an 8hour or longer course.  You can combine this course with any other area of study.  

The Learning Curve for this Topic is 1-4.  Meaning Anyone beginner or advanced can learn how to paint skulls and other related images.
Airbrush Class Topics