The Mailbox Painting shows you all the steps needed to custom paint a mailbox that will last in harsh weather for years!  We Supply the Mailboxes that will be painted, Each student is given one for the class period.  We show you how to prep them correctly and then start in with custom designs and schemes.  Usually we teach how to paint True Fire, skulls, Marblizer, and other graphics that can fit in with the duration of time we have during class.  Either way, we allow you to create anything you want.  All materials are supplied.  We do not clear coat your mailboxes for you.  Due to the time it takes.  We do Clearcoat Our Mailbox for Demonstration.

This course is available for all students. This course is very easy, and works best if taken as a full 8hr class.   This class demonstrates how you can take an average mailbox, and turn into something original, and something that works great as a gift, or possibly a resale item worth 3 to 5 times more than what you paid for it.  We show  you how to make unique and simple designs, without going over budget and spending too much on materials to get desired effects.  Come take this course and before you know it, you might just have a neighbor hood full of your artwork!
Painting Mailboxes
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