The Marblizer and Textures course for airbrushing teaches you how to take ordinary products like plastic wrap, leather, foil, paper, and other materials to create stunning textures and effects with Marblizer.  This technique can be used for all types of ideas and textures to give your artwork a whole new look.  We teach you everything from the basic textures and use of candy paints, and then show you more advanced uses like Wood Grain, and Streaking effects.

This course is available for all students.  This course is easy and fun to take.  This course is usually taught for 2 - 3 hours for normal classes that run 3 to 8 hours long.  We can Teach this class for over that duration of time, but usually it is well covered after 3 hours of training.  We offer a list of all the supplies that we use, as well as locations that you will be able to order and find them for  your own personal use.  All materials are included for use during class, and you get to take your artwork home when completed. 

The Learning Curve for this Topic is 1-4.  Meaning Anyone beginner or advanced can learn how to paint with Marlizer and adding texture to graphics to add character.
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