The Painting Metal Rips course for airbrushing teaches you how to create realistic looking metal rips and tares.  This class is great in combination with metal rivets and steel effects.  We do cover those methods briefly in this course.  We show you the correct processes to make your metal rips look like they are 3D, as well as appear to bend and fold.  We show you 2 different techniques you can use to get your desired effects.
Learning Curve is 1-4.  This course is available for all students and is able to be combined with other classes.  We usually teach this topic for about 2-3 hours.  We feel that this is enough time to demonstrate and teach you how to correctly achieve this look.  If you are still struggling on this method, we do have an airbrush class forum, where you can ask questions and get answers about your areas of struggle.  This is a free service offered through Automotive Tattoos, only to help students continue to learn after they've attended class with us.
Airbrush Class Topics