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Motorcycle  Repairs
Does your motorcycle have Dents, Chips, Scratches, Cracks, or other damaged areas that need touch ups or Major Repairs?

With our professional skills and knowledge, we can provide your motorcycle with 100% gauranteed repairs, for Auto Body repairs as well as Mechanical repairs.   We have been fixing and repairing motorycles and automotive vehicles for the last decade, and some of us in the shop, Even Longer. 

If you have dented motorcycle parts, and need them repaired, we have plenty of options to make sure your motorcycle and parts are repaired correctly and up to your standards.  If the parts are damaged really bad, we can order new parts.  Eliminating the auto body repair process.  We still may have to paint them, but at least they are brand new.   If damages are minor, we can "Spot Repair" those damaged areas like chips, scratches, and even small dents.

If your bike or motorcycle has Any Type of graphics or paint scheme, and there are dents or scratches in areas of multiple colors, artwork, and pinstriping, We can fix that too.  In most cases, we only have to spray a few different colors and blends, to match what the graphics look like.  Graphics that have murals and intricate details are no problem for us either.  The repair might take longer than just spraying a few colors, but we can repair it to look like it did originally or better.   Even if we didn't paint the bike originally, we still have the know how to fix any paint scheme that you might have.   We can duplicate the style of your bike and apply that to any parts that need replaced or refinished.  We can sometimes save you a lot of money fixing your parts vs having to replace them from a dealer.

We have helped hundreds of Bikers, with their motorcycle repairs, and continue to each day.  If you would like to talk about your motorcycle repairs, please call us or email us.   Ask for a free quote. 
Luke Johnson     715-456-8800        E-mail:

If motorcycle mechanical repairs are needed, then we recommend our professional affiliate Pistol Pete's Custom Cycles.  They can do all types of modifications to your bike, and also fix any mechanical issues that you might have.
Most dented motorcycle parts can be straightened out with the use of a few Auto Body Tools.  A hammer and metal dolly is usually enough to get most dents out.  Sometimes for major dents, tabs are welded on and then the dent is pulled out by attaching and pulling on the tabs.   Worst case scenario would be cutting and welding.  After the dents are pounded out, we would smooth out any imperfections with some lightweight body filler.  A Two part compound that gets hard as a rock, and levels out any slight indents or small imperfections.    After it drys for about 10 minutes, we sand the area, making it perfect and free of debris.   We then apply at least 3 coats of primer.  After that, we sand the primer, then if body work looks good we spray Sealer, basecoat, create graphics if needed, and then clearcoat.    Then, its back to brand new again!  

Contact us if you need any dents taken out of your motorcycle parts.

We repair Motorcycle Tanks, Fenders, Fairings, Side Covers, Bags, and any other accessories needing repairs.