Automotive Tattoos can paint murals on any project you have.  We can create large scale wall murals for hotels and businesses.  No size limit.  We have access to equipment to get the job done no matter how tall your building is.  We also do smaller scale murals on motorcycles, cars, trucks, vans, suv's, basically anything and everything.  Some of our artwork has been seen in Hotels, Restaurants, businesses, schools, homes, and even churches throughout the United States.

Our painting techniques allow us to create any texture or style that is desired.  We can create stone like materials, like granite, marble, and other rocky textures, to make a simple wall look like its made from expensive material.  Pillars and columns are a great use for marble and granite textures.  We also clear gloss or matte coat over our paint to give it protection and a beautiful sheen.   When working on interior/exterior wall murals, we use 100% water based products for a green environment.  View our Gallery for more examples of our artwork.
Hand Painted Murals by, Luke Johnson