Night Vision is an awesome way to create a scene or style on a project.  The steps are very basic to creating this intricate looking airbrushing style.  With only 3 to 4 steps, a scene can look like the images to the left in a matter of a few hours.  The steps are easy to follow and perform.  We assist you the whole way through and like all of our classes, it is learn at your own pace. 

The Learning Curve for this class is 2-4 and is somewhat hard to follow if you are a beginner.  Recommended for an innermediate to an advanced airbrusher.

Add this Course to any of our day long courses.  This Topic can usually be Demonstrated within 2-3 hours.  If further training is desired, simply ask to stay on this subject longer.
Skill Level  2-4
Airbrush Class Topics