The Painting Eagles course for airbrushing teaches you how to render eagles of any shape or size.  We show you how to create feathers and textures to your designs so that you get the most realistic looking effects.  We show you how to use the right colors to achieve realism, and also how to use free hand shields and stencils for tricky areas where masking would take too much time.  Learn how to create realistic looking eagles by signing up for an airbrush class today!

This course is more advanced than some of our other courses.  If you've never airbrushed before, we recommend that you take a beginner course first before you start in with a class creating 3D imagery.  People with some experience airbrushing  do very well with this course.  This course can be combined with other courses and can  briefly be demonstrated in a 3 hour session.  We do recommend taking this as a full 8 hour course, due to the amount of detail that is required to make eagles look realistic.

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