The Pin-ups course teaches you how to make realistic looking female figures with creative poses and layouts.  We teach you the colors needed to achieve skin tones and also how to layer your colors correctly to create perfect color blends that look natural.  We demonstrate how to create hair, eyelashes, skin, teeth, lips, ears, and other anatomy.  We teach you the tricks and techniques to make your artwork go smoother and faster.  Be sure to bring your notebooks and cameras for this class because there is alot of information and a lot of steps you may want to document.

This course is only available for students who have experience airbrushing and know how to create different size airbrush strokes and patterns.  We recommend not taking this course if you are a beginner due to the advanced techniques that are used throughout class.  Students that compare their skill levels to a 3-4 are fine to take this class.  We wish we could offer this class to inner mediate students, however the learning curve is much more advanced in this course than others, and any little imperfections when painting faces can distort or ugly the image.  Although we teach you how to fix certain mistakes, we cannot guarantee your success if you are not at a level 3 or 4. 
Airbrush Class Topics