The Painting Pool Sticks course for airbrushing teaches you how to take any type of pool cue, and turn it into something unique and with your own style.  We teach you the process that is needed to get paint to stick, as well as show you how to take your ideas and apply them to make original looking designs.   We supply the 1st pool cue for you.  Additional cues are $15.00 or you can bring your own.  We usually clear coat the sticks at the end of the course for you to take home as a finished product.  If you aren't finished with your design by the end of the class, you can take it home to finish. 

This course is only taught as a 1 day course, where no other classes are combined, due to the duration of time it takes to allow base coats and other paint to dry after applying to the pool cue.   While the sealer and basecoat is drying, we start training you on textures and different airbrushing effects and techniques you can use for your next steps in creating your unique pool stick design.  On average it takes about 6 to 7 hours to create a poolstick design that you'll be proud of.  We have reference ideas and styles for you to look at while you create your designs, incase you need some creative help.    We also have a Plotter, so we can cut out stickers for lettering and image silhouettes, to get an even more creative look.
Skill Level  1 - 4
Pool Sticks
Airbrush Class Topics