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Private Airbrush Lessons are available for any dates you choose as long as they are approved by Luke Johnson.  Private lessons allow you to pick topics of your choice.  This includes areas of study not listed on this site.  For example; you want to learn how to paint illustrations of Classic cars, or of animals... We don't teach those topics as primary classes, but we can definitely teach you how to paint them in a private lesson, or if we have extra time during class.

If you have any questions or comments, Please send them by filling out this form.  We will promptly respond to your requests.   
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Private Airbrush Lessons  allow you to select dates that work best with your schedule.  Private lessons also allow you to get more One on One training by being the only Student in the scheduled class. 

Here is what we need, in order to schedule you for a Private Airbrushing Lesson
1.     The Date you would like for a private class.  Classes can be any date that you wish, except for the dates that are pre scheduled in our Online Schedule.   Click Here to see the schedule. 

Which Class Subject you would like to learn.   We have many classes available, but are limited to only 8 hours for one day.  We usually try to choose at least 2 class subjects for that 8 hour period.  Class topics can be anything you would like to learn.  Even if its not listed in the class types, we are very flexible with our private classes, and allow you to get the training you need no matter what the subject.  As long as it can be created with an airbrush.

  A deposit for the private class. A deposit must be made upon sign up to gaurantee your submission.  Remaining balance can be paid the day of class or online at anytime.  Normal class rates are $160 per student, per day.  These rates are for classes of 2 or more students.  Solo classes are considered Private lessons, and are $300 for an 8 hour day.  Click Here to Sign Up & Make a Deposit.  $125.00 is non refundable if you don't show up for your class period and don't call ahead to cancel or to reschedule the class.  This is because of time lost for set up and for having to reschedule ongoing projects around your class.  You can reschedule for a later date if you know you won't be able to make it.. Please let us know at least 24 hours before hand.  If rescheduling for a later date, your deposit will carry over to that date.  If you call 1 week before class to cancel, we will give you a full refund after the scheduled class date has past..  Please don't wait until the day of class to cancel.  We will keep your money.

Classes that are combined with two or more students Are Not  Private Lessons.  When 2 or more students sign up for the same Pre-Selected class, each student gets the Discounted Group Price.  If you and a friend wish to schedule for a date not pre-selected because it works better for your schedule, then we consider that a Group Private Lesson and each will be charged full price for choosing dates not pre-selected.  
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